Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hamstring Strain?

What's the old saying, "Always listen to your body?" Well, of course it my last push to the Austin Marathon I didn't listen to the signals my body was telling me and ended up pulling my hamstring. Sunday I had gone out and did my 20 mile long run, probably ran it faster than I should have, but I find that throwing in speed work makes the long run go by faster. Then, Monday I did an easy swim and bike and felt fine, I was sore, but that is typical. Probably the first sign I ignored. Tuesday is my speed day and I did a 6x6 min intervals on the treadmill getting progressively faster. It was late at night when I did this workout (8pm), so I had already eaten dinner and wasn't hungry afterwards. This led me to be dehydrated and wiped out the next day. Plus I had an exam the next day, so I was stressed and strung out, but instead of taking a nap, I went out for my planned "easy" 9 mile run. Well, sure enough, 1 mile away from home I feel a stabbing pain right at the back of my knee cap. I think it may be a cramp and I stop and try to stretch it out and then continue. No luck, the pain comes right back. I like to think that I have a high threshold for pain, but I know there is a good pain and a bad pain. This was the latter. So I walk it home and do RICE therapy. I follow that with 2 days off completely. On Sunday I try to run, get 5 minutes in and the pain returns. So I take a whole week off from running. It doesn't hurt when I swim or bike, so I'm switching gears and starting my triathlon training early. After 2 weeks, I am able to bike and swim no problem, but I am taking it really slow coming back to running. It's a bummer since I was really looking forward to the Austin marathon this weekend. So instead of running on Sunday, I will be doing a swim and some yoga. My biggest fear at the moment is that this will ruin the tri season for me, especially since I have two early season tris (GTB and Texas 70.3). After that I'm taking a short break during the summer to start my buildup for the 2012 Texas Ironman.

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