Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Galveston 70.3 Race Report

This was sent to me to try as a new format for my race report. It's kind of in a Q and A format. So it's more detailed and technical than my previous race reports.

1) Race Name: Memorial Herman Texas Ironman 70.3 (aka Galveston 70.3)
2) Race Date: April 10, 2011
3) Race Location: Moody Gardens, Galveston, TX
4) Race Start Time: 7:00am pro start; 7:15am wave start
5) Race Weather: the morning was Windy and then very sunny in the afternoon rising up to the low 90’s; very humid all day
6) Race Length: Half Ironman
7) Overall Course Difficulty: deceptively easy; it was flat but very windy, humid, hot,
8) How many times you've completed this race: 1st time
9) Hours of work (office) the week of the race: 40 hrs of school/studying
10) Hours of sleep (average) per night the week of the race: 7hrs
11) Water intake (average) per day leading up to the race: well hydrated going in
12) Calorie intake (average) per day leading up to the race: 3400 cals the last 3 days before the race
13) Calories burned (average) per day leading up to the race: 2000-2500
14) What you did (activities other than your workouts) the 2 days leading up to the race: drove down to Galveston and did some fishing on Fri/Sat, watched TV, cleaned the house
15) Meals the day before the race:
Breakfast: fruit, oatmeal, PB, orange juice
Lunch: cliff bar, Gatorade, chips, applesauce,
Dinner: spaghetti w/spinach, mandm’s
16) Sleep the day before the race: went to bed at 10:30pm
17) What time did you get up the morning of the race? 4:30am
18) How much fluids did you intake the morning of the race prior to start? 1 bottle of water, can of FRS, half a bottle of gatorade
19) What did you eat and how many calories the morning of the race prior to the start? Oatmeal, PB, banana, cliff shot blocks (600 cals)
20) What did you do to warmup? Light stretching before the swim
21) Describe the way the swim was run.... Waves? Time trial? Crowded? Wetsuit?
the swim was a trapezoidal shaped swim. Deep water start. Waves going every 5 minutes. Water temp was probably around 76-78 so it was wetsuit legal for the AG. I didn’t think the swim was crowed
22) How was the swim? I started on the far right side of the bouys so that it was more of a straight line swim for me. Right from the start my plan was to push hard until the first turn and then settle into my groove, and then pick it up again the last 400m. I ended up really getting out in front of our age group pack and instead of really trying to push it at the beginning, I hopped on and drafted behind another person, but at the first turn bouy I lost him. The rest of the way I focused on sighting and keeping my arm turnover high. Towards the end the wind also started to pick up and was directly in my face making it hard to sight b/c I would always swallow water. Overall, it was a good swim. I think the distance was accurate, and my time is what I expected right at 28 minutes.
23) How was your T1? Decent, I used the wetsuit strippers which helped a bunch. I had a long run to the bike but I found it quickly and was out fairly quick. The wind had knocked my helmet down so it took me a minute to grab it off the ground. Next time I need to make sure to secure it to the bike so it doesn’t surprise me like that again.
24) How was the bike? Headwind? Crowded? Bad/Good road? Use race wheels? The bike was good. There was a strong headwind until we turned onto the sea wall, then it was a huge cross wind that by the turnaround was mostly a head wind. The whole 1st half I focused mainly on keeping my cadence at around 90rpm and taking in LOTS of food. I got to the turnaround at 1:15 which I was disappointed with at the time b/c I was aiming for 1:10, but with the tailwind on the way back I made up the time and rode a 1:05. The roads were smooth. Used my American classics 58 (similar to the zipp 404s) which I really liked but I think it would have been nice to have a deeper wheel in the back.
25) How as your T2? Faster or slower than T1? Were you under a minute? I came in and couldn’t find my spot to rack the bike, which cost me a few seconds and slowed me down. I also put socks on before my shoes. I really was not happy w/T2.
26) How was your run? Hot? Humid? Cramps? Did you concentrate on form? The run was HOT, Sunny, and humid, with very little shade. It was 4 loops of 3.4 miles each, which made for great spectator support. I never felt like I was all alone out on the course. I told myself to take the first to laps slow, and then try to push it on the last two. I ended up drafting on the second place pro for most of the second loop which really helped take my mind off everything and just “follow the leader.” Towards the end of the second loop he started to pick it up so I dropped back. The rest of the run I had a hard time pacing myself b/c my watch was acting up so I didn’t know how fast I was running. The last loop was really tough mentally and I just had to focus on putting one step in front of the other. My goal was not to walk, which I didn’t but it was a much slower loop than the rest.
27) Did you really push yourself? Remember for some of you it was a training race but for those it wasn't I need to know your level of fatigue.
I held back on the bike, but tried to push it on the run and the swim. I’ve never had a good half-ironman run so I thought that by taking it a little easier on the bike would allow me to run faster. In retrospect, I think I could have pushed harder on the bike and my run would still have been the same. After the run, i felt fatigued and weak. So I went to the medical tent. At first they just layed me down on a cot but they took my BP and it was 90/60 so they were worried so they started me on an IV. I vaguely remember this as I was so tired, but after two IV bags I felt 100% better. That stuff is awesome!
28) Was this a PR? Yes, by about 45 seconds, but it was on an easier course, but hotter and more humid, and windy
29) Was this harder than last year? N/A
30) Go through your nutrition from the race step by step on the swim bike and run.
Pre swim: 100 cals of cliff shot blocks 20 minutes before race start
T1: water
Bike: total cals - 1220
1st hour: 360 cals of accelerade, 100 cals of half a powerbar, 1 ½ bottles of water, 100 cal gu gel, 100 cals of cliff shot block
2nd hour: 120 cals of Gatorade (1/2 a bottle), 240 cals of powerbar, 1 bottle of water, 1 salt tab, 100 cals of cliff shot block, 100 cal gu gel,
Run: 2 gels, 1 salt tab, Gatorade, water, and coke
31) Were there circumstances that kept this year slower/faster than last year? Flat tire? Medical problems? I cant compare it to last year but I think one of the largest circumstances that kept my time slower than I was hoping for was the weather and just my training. I needed some more long runs, tempo/brick workouts
32) How was your overall experience? I had a great time overall
33) Will you do it again next year? It was very good race and if cost or scheduling weren’t an issue I would definitely do it again next year.
34) List 3 things you think you did VERY well. Pace well on the bike, nutrition on the bike, sighting/good swim
35) List 3 things you need to work on for your next race. Speed/endurance on the run, more interval swim training, get faster at transitions
36) What is your next race? Bridgeland in Aug

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