Monday, April 11, 2011

Memorial Herman Texas Ironman 70.3 Blog Updates

Since Sarah couldnt make it out to the race I'd like to think she was glued to her computer all morning watching the race stats. Here were just some of the blogs on the ironman website posted yesterday.

These are the top age group men's swim times so far: 1 25:23 270 Murphy Halasz Austin TX USA
2 27:34 2:12 232 Brandon Brickley Round Rock TX USA
3 27:49 2:27 146 Cliff Adlerz Franklin TN USA
4 27:55 2:32 187 Stephen Sponagle Laguna Niguel CA USA
5 28:12 2:49 206 Tommy Elder Houston TX USA
6 28:14 2:51 264 Grant Glauser Houston TX USA
7 28:29 3:06 113 Sebastian Haynes San Angelo TX USA
8 28:34 3:11 134 Christopher Scruggs Houston TX USA
9 28:35 3:12 98 Sean Benton San Antonio TX USA
10 28:39 3:16 138 Todd Teren Houston TX USA
Keep in mind this could change over the next hour or so - there are 20 age group waves today!

The weather for today's race should be pretty good, according to the weather man here in Galveston. Right now the temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 C) and the expected high is going to be 78 F (26 C) (ya right, it was much hotter). The wind is coming from the south south east, at about 20 mph (32 kph), but we're experiencing gusts of up to 25 mph (40 kph). That's supposed to "calm" down to about 21 mph (34 kph) - in other words, we're in for a windy day. The pros were having a rough time this morning keeping their bikes straight in the racks - just about all of them have either a disc or really deep-dished wheels, so their bikes are acting just like sails in these high winds. It will, for the most part, be a cross wind out on the course, though, so we still could see some fast bike splits.

The top age group men's finishers: 1 4:07:29 681 Adam Webber Denver PA USA
2 4:08:47 1:19 651 Chuck Sloan Tulsa OK USA
3 4:09:43 2:15 642 Sean Schnur Houston TX USA
4 4:10:22 2:54 2085 Joe Thorne Austin TX USA
5 4:14:18 6:49 558 Brandon Jessop Lakewood CO USA
6 4:15:20 7:52 2107 Fernando Alfaro Panama PAN
7 4:15:41 8:13 524 Thomas Gerlach Tucson AZ USA
8 4:19:09 11:41 264 Grant Glauser Houston TX USA
9 4:22:10 14:42 512 Jason Erickson Dallas TX USA
10 4:25:26 17:58 289 William Martin Madison WI USA

1Lieto, Chris26/1/139/MPRO00:23:3902:02:1501:16:5603:45:37
2Henning, Rasmus3/4/236/MPRO00:22:2002:07:1201:14:4703:46:47
3Odonnell, Timothy8/13/331/MPRO00:22:4102:11:2801:12:2003:48:16
4Bozzone, Terenzo9/3/426/MPRO00:22:4202:06:5601:18:1103:50:00
5Van Lierde, Frederik7/2/532/MPRO00:22:3902:05:4601:19:4903:50:54
6Albert, Marko2/8/632/MPRO00:22:1802:09:5201:16:4603:51:26
7Kienle, Sebastian33/9/727/MPRO00:26:3002:05:4601:17:0603:52:03
8Schildknecht, Ronnie29/5/832/MPRO00:25:0102:04:3301:21:2703:53:33
9Major, Jozsef41/12/932/MPRO00:26:4602:06:2501:18:3503:54:55
10McDaniel, Joe19/14/1029/MPRO00:23:2002:10:3001:18:5503:56:09
11Kahn, David5/25/1128/MPRO00:22:2902:16:4101:14:5503:56:39
12Lieto, Matt28/10/1233/MPRO00:25:0002:07:1601:21:5903:57:00
13Guillaume, Romain18/11/1326/MPRO00:23:0502:09:4301:22:3403:57:40
14Zeebroek, Axel4/16/1433/MPRO00:22:2202:12:3601:20:4203:58:12
15Aigroz, Mike--/--/1534/MPRO00:00:0000:00:0003:58:2203:58:22
16Anderson, Gavin6/23/1633/MPRO00:22:3802:16:1101:20:0104:01:35
17Matthews, Paul12/7/1728/MPRO00:22:4502:08:3401:28:2304:01:49
18Schmoll, Daniel14/17/1829/MPRO00:22:4902:12:3501:23:3904:01:55
19Russell, Matthew43/28/1928/MPRO00:31:4602:12:0001:15:2304:01:58
20Brader, Christian38/19/2031/MPRO00:26:4202:10:4201:21:4304:02:26
21Goehler, Rene21/27/2131/MPRO00:23:3002:18:3701:19:4904:04:29
22Cigana, Massimo34/22/2232/MPRO00:26:3502:11:0201:25:5604:06:34
23Lovato, Michael20/6/2338/MPRO00:23:2002:06:0701:34:2604:06:34
24Furtado, Raul35/26/2432/MPRO00:26:3702:13:3301:23:3504:06:38
25Poulsen, Brent25/32/2529/MPRO00:23:3702:22:3501:18:2204:07:24
26Webber, Adam1/1/130/M30-3400:24:1902:13:2601:26:3304:07:29
27Daerr, Justin36/34/2630/MPRO00:26:3902:20:0701:17:4304:07:49
28Minnema, Jimi42/33/2733/MPRO00:29:5902:16:1901:18:2304:07:59
29Elliot, Lewis39/24/2831/MPRO00:26:4202:12:1701:26:2704:08:18
30Sloan, Chuck9/3/234/M30-3400:28:1102:17:0100:19:5404:08:47
31Schnur, Sean37/5/332/M30-3400:32:2602:16:1700:19:3704:09:43
32Thorne, Joe11/4/127/M25-2900:29:5402:23:1901:14:1004:10:22
33Duff, James24/21/2933/MPRO00:23:3502:13:5901:30:1104:10:36
34Young, Dantley40/31/3027/MPRO00:26:4402:18:0401:24:5004:13:05
35Jessop, Brandon39/6/432/M30-3400:32:3002:18:4700:20:2804:14:18
36McMillian, Jason3/1/138/M35-3900:27:0902:18:2100:22:4704:14:39
37Alfaro, Fernando1/2/237/M35-3900:26:4502:22:0000:21:2504:15:20
38Gerlach, Thomas11/4/530/M30-3400:29:0602:18:4900:21:4004:15:41
39Everett, Kevin22/15/3136/MPRO00:23:3302:11:2101:38:5504:16:30
40Quezada Ruiz, Sergio31/35/3243/MPRO00:26:2702:22:4101:24:5904:17:30
41Neill, Mike37/29/3339/MPRO00:26:4102:17:4501:30:4904:18:30
42Glauser, Grant4/--/227/M25-2900:28:1400:00:0004:19:0904:19:0943Flanagan, John1/--/3436/MPRO00:21:2300:00:0001:30:5604:19:50
44Kilshaw, Stephen30/30/3527/MPRO00:25:5402:18:2601:32:4604:20:00
45Erickson, Jason2/2/632/M30-3400:26:0202:17:4401:34:3804:22:10
46Shearon, Jonathan27/8/731/M30-3400:31:0302:23:0100:22:1904:22:47
47Martin, William6/2/326/M25-2900:28:4002:22:3401:31:2004:25:26
48Fluker, Bryce50/21/426/M25-2900:38:2002:36:0404:25:3504:25:35
49O' Gorman, Ivan60/13/834/M30-3400:35:3702:22:3800:21:0304:26:42
50Carr, Stephen36/16/932/M30-3400:32:1902:28:5400:21:5604:28:32

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